The Dollmaker
On a calm autumn evening, the Dollmaker was strolling down Blacksmith Ave. His thoughts were troubled, his mind nothing but a rotten field of sickening thoughts. He has always been challenged by his disturbed mind. But that night a young lady caught is attention. Her innocent brilliance blazed the streets downtown. The Dollmaker felt love at first sight and knew he could never call her his own. Unless... 

He grabbed her from behind in a dark alley just off Darkmoore Rd. when her feisty reaction surprised the all so thrilled Dollmaker. She had a little knife in her pocket and managed to cut his nose. But nevertheless he vanquished her in the end. 

"Forever, I want to keep you, forever," he breathed in her ear while her life slowly went away. He took her home to prepare her. She needed to look good, if she were to stay with him for eternity. So he prepared her, as he learned it from his profession.

"That is a very special doll, I will keep that one, for sure." 

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