TreeD Lamp. 
Be sure to use high efficiency led bulbs, they save a lot of energy and accompany the "eco" theme well. 
The cord is a normal textile power cord, available online or stores like Ikea. 
The branch should be well dried out, so there won't be any surprising cracks afterwards. I oiled the whole thing to impregnate it and make it more durable. 
Something different this time: A Lamp I made - This was real fun to make! I named my little project "Tree Deer Lamp", "TreeD" in short.
All because I saw THIS LAMP and I thought you could do more with that concept. I rethought the idea of the branch comining it with the typical deer antlers wall mount and I think it turned out well.
It is now hanging in my office and I am completely happy with. Perhaps I try to play with the lightbulb a bit but its a multi LED one and it looks quite fascinating at the moment!   

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