The German word for nothing.
The Creativhotels intention was to create a unique present to guests and partners. The idea of "nothing" has been around in the hotel for a while but this time the whole project was based on nothing. It's actually really funny, you just name a product "Nothing" and you can have quite some fun with it. 
All graphics were designed by us, the paper was shredded magazines and everything was either organic or sustainably made. The boxes were handfilled by the employees, basically it was a real hands-on project.
The main product still needs to resemble at some point the concept of Nothing. I think it turned out quite well: Using Gin as a clear liquor in this kind of bottle with a minimalistic design - it almost disappears in the shreds of newspaper. 
The Nothing Box consist of four small gifts: Nothing to drink, Nothing to eat, Nothing to do and Nothing to laugh. 
Nothing to drink, Nothing to eat, Nothing to do and Nothing to laugh. 
The liquor is organic gin: The two men company Achternbusch based in Munich creates this Feel! Gin with a fruitful flavor. It is Nothing to drink, because it looks like water. 
The bottle can be reused as the label with the content description can be removed and so everything can be filled in this bottle and be Nothing.
Rapunzel is a well known brand for organic food. These mints have no artificial flavor or sweetener. It is Nothing to eat because you suck it.
If you have Nothing to do, you can play. For example, with these Lego bricks made from 70% wood. 
You have Nothing to laugh? Well this 'laughing-kit' puts a smile on your face for sure! These two rubberbands and paperclips are easily made into a laughing tool. The guy on the picture is a genuine employee at the front office of the Creativhotel Luise. It creates a perfect topic to talk about between our guests and him.
"LAUGHING GUARANTEED (at least for the others)"
First handmade bottle label design.
"Nothing tastes better than a fine drop of Nothing. You can drink Nothing with nothing or with something. There is nothing better than coming home after a hard day and drinking Nothing. Nothing is more than just nothing."
Similar translation: "You get Nothing but still, it's more than enough."
The office sure was messy after filling up these boxes...
A very nice gift box. Your friend says he wants nothing for his birthday? Well, here's your perfect gift... ;)
Thank you. 
Please feel free to offer critique or appreaciate this project.

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