Well, clearly, you are what you eat. - 2012
This is my digitial art on a handmade wood print and on my business cards.
Never heard of "the annoying orange" that time. Original idea.
Life is unfair. - 2009
What a bittersweet romance. - 2011
Maybe I should start thinking out of the box. - 2012
 You know you are addicted to coffee when even your coffee mugs reach out to it. - 2012
I am a non-smoker and I though this might be a funny approach on stop smoking. The Hamster is a kind and free stock photo of http://kw-stock.deviantart.com/ and I did not have one in my mouth. - 2012
Print on Canvas 200x100 cm
This is not new, this is not extraordinary, but this is fact: If we keep acting like this there won’t be much more time for acting at all… The Artwork shows the danger of a human, being dangerous for himself and his surrounding. - 2009
I am a human product, I am defined by the clothes I am wearing, the make-up I use and the things I like on Facebook. My personality is not me but merely a reflection of my surroundings. - 2007
Washington - A coffee barista
Pick one that you like! - 2013
It really had an impact when I lost my key last week. - 2013
This worldcup is really unique! - 2013
I never got that phrase "try to catch some beautiful nature with your lense"... (2013)
Disassembly - Piece it together. 2013 - This was quite some work... 
Most of these Artworks are featured in the Photoshop Projects Magazine (Australia) Volume 14. Available online: Here
Thank you for your time.

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