All Hallows' Eve 2012
The problem with All Hallows' Eve (Halloween) is last but not least the commercialisation and conversion into a horror fest far from the origins in the celtic and catholic irish culture. Just like this photo (seemingly)  it has become more of a costume and blood party for no particular reason. However, Halloween has got its contemporary identity by the northern American culture and is far from traditional All Hallows' Eve. 

Yet this picture is supposed to represent All Hallows' Eve tradition of scaring away the dead by implying that there are things far more unpleasant than death itself. The bleeding blind eyes are a symbol of the fear of darkness, blindness and not knowing your surroundings. The needle through the tongue not only underlines pain but defenselessness from even the smallest things. The tongue also stands for talking, speaking and words as they are the gate to expressing feelings, fear and to create pain. 
Note: No animals, humans or crazy people were harmed in the making of this photo. This self portrait was made a lot easier by having a tongue piercing and, of course, the blood is just food colouring.

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